Compact size

Due to its compact dimensions, the system fits into
almost any kitchen, even small ones, and creates
room for additional wall units by eliminating the
extractor hood.

Automatic extractor control

The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself
according to current cooking conditions. There’s no
need for constant manual adjustment, which means
you can focus fully on your cooking.

Intuitive sControl control

The unique vertical slider makes operation via the
intuitive up and downwards movement of your finger
or direct tapping with the fingertip even easier. All
of the important functions are at your fingertips in a


In recirculation mode odours are neutralised by a
highly efficient activated charcoal filter. To make life
easier, the filter is changed from the top through the
air inlet aperture – without having to remove drawers
or plinth panels.



Simple cleaning

All parts that come into contact with cooking vapours
can be easily removed through the accessible,
wide inlet opening. They can then be cleaned in the
dishwasher, where they take up very little space.

Maximum storage space

At under 200mm, the low installation height and
integrated recirculation unit guarantee maximum
storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils
in the cupboard below. Even in 60-cm-deep
kitchen units, no drawers need to be shortened in
recirculation mode. A change from the norm.

Variable heat retention function

You can choose from 3 heat retention levels with
different temperature levels depending on how or
what you are cooking. This means that you can keep
your food warm at an optimum, constant temperature
without any danger of burning it.

Integrated grease drip pan

If anything is spilt during cooking, the integrated drip
tray safely catches both solids and liquids.



Minimalistic design

The cooktop and extractor are ideal for flush
installation. The perfect lines allow them to blend
in discreetly and elegantly with any modern kitchen
design. When on standby, the operating panel is
virtually invisible and during operation it is scaled
down to the essentials thanks to intelligent lighting.

Intuitive sControl+ control

The unique operating panel is simpler than ever: it
works intuitively with a swipe of your index finger
up or down in the smooth hollow or a tap with your
fingertip. All important functions can be accessed
with a single touch.

Oversized 4 24 cooking surface

Thanks to the central operating panel by the
extractor, no space is taken up by controls on the
cooktop and there is room to cook with 4 pots
measuring up to 24cm at the same time.

Oversized surface induction cooking

Particularly large surface induction cooking zones
enable you to consistently warm even very large pots
or roasters through.

Modular system

BORA offers a wide range of cooktops, from surface
induction to gas cooktops or Tepan stainless
steel grills, which can be freely combined with the
extraction system. Combinations with one, three or
more cooktops are also easily achievable.

BORA Professional 3.0

Automatic cover flap

The cover flap opens and closes automatically when
the extractor is operated. Thanks to the integrated
sensor, accidental trapping of fingers during closing is
safely avoided. When switched off, the system is fully

Intelligent control knob

The perfect combination of classic, simple knob
control and the possibilities of an integrated touch
surface and digital display. The different functions
are accessed centrally via the intelligent control knob
made of high-quality stainless steel.

Accurate temperature control

The Tepan stainless steel grill offers top performance,
2 large grill areas and unique, precise temperature
control. The required temperature can be set directly
and is accurately displayed and maintained. Rapid
heating to 250°C in under 5 minutes saves time and

Modular system

BORA offers a wide range of cooktops, from surface
induction to gas cooktops or Tepan stainless
steel grills, which can be freely combined with the
extraction system. Combinations with one, three or
more cooktops are also easily achievable.

BORA – 6 Advantages

Quiet operation

Significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods. Conventional extractor hoods blast out around 70 decibels (A) directly at head height. BORA, on the other hand, is quieter than a sizzling steak, even when set to the highest level.


A focus on the bare essentials. Extractor hoods work extremely hard for a limited result. BORA boasts a 100% clean rate at head height thanks to intelligently used flow speed and motor technology.

Fresh air

Cooking while surrounded by fresh air. BORA draws off odours and grease particles directly from the cookware. This prevents cooking vapours from rising up. Grease particles are trapped in the stainless steel grease filter.

Best materials

High functionality and long service life. High-quality materials and high performance join forces to create a premium system. We set stylish design standards by using pure stainless steel and heavy-metal-free glass ceramic.

Simple cleaning

Why make things difficult when there is an easy option? Cleaning conventional extractor hoods is a timeconsuming job. BORA makes your daily life easier: All movable parts can be easily dismantled without any tools and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Design freedom

Setting the standard for modern kitchen design. BORA opens up a new range of kitchen design options: Cook by the window and under eaves or on kitchen islands with no annoying hoods…

BORA stands for modern kitchen design.

Bora Professional 3.0


Bora Classic 2.0


Bora Pure X


Bora Pure


Bora FAQ

How does BORA work?

Steam and vapours rise at a maximum speed of one metre per second. The BORA cooktop extracts with cross flow suction that is higher than the speed at which cooking vapours rise. In this way, the cooking vapours and odours are effectively extracted on the cooktop.

What is the difference between BORA Professional, BORA Classic, BORA X Pure, BORA Pure, BORA Basic and BORA GP4?

At BORA you can choose between the modular systems BORA Professional and BORA Classic, and the compact systems BORA X Pure, BORA Pure, BORA Basic and BORA GP4 (only available from nobilia retailers). Our product fider will help you, and your BORA retailer will be happy to advise you so that you can find the system that best suits your cooking style and design requirements.
The modular systems give you optimum design freedom and flexibility when choosing your cooktops (induction, surface induction, gas, Tepan). BORA Professional boasts extra-deep cooktops and operation via a control knob (like in professional kitchens). All functions are easily, conveniently and intuitively activated by turning the knob and tapping the central touch-operated surface. BORA Classic is operated on the cooktop itself using the intuitive sControl+ touch controls.
The compact systems also combine a cooktop with four cooking zones and an effective extractor: BORA X Pure: surface induction; BORA Pure: induction, BORA Basic: Hyper. The compact appliances have intuitive touch controls on the cooktop. With standard dimensions and the combined design, they can be installed quickly and easily.

What happens if liquid gets into the cooktop extractor?

Depending on the system, up to 300 ml of liquid can collect in the cooktop extractor and be washed away without issue. If more liquid than this gets into the cooktop extractor, this cannot damage the electronics as the air flow does not pass through the electronics.

With BORA X Pure, BORA Pure and BORA Basic models, larger volumes of up to 3 litres of liquid can also be caught. The housing base can be removed for simple cleaning.

What happens if an object falls into the cooktop extractor?

Objects that fall into the cooktop extractor land in the collection dish and can be removed easily. The stainless steel grease filter prevents objects from being drawn into the airflow.

How can the BORA cooktop extractor be cleaned?

All removable parts such as the grease filter, drip tray, air inlet nozzle/cover can be removed easily by hand and cleaned in the dishwasher.

How loud is BORA?

In contrast to traditional extractor hoods with a high noise level at head height, BORA is quieter when cooking than normal noises that occur during roasting. The volume level largely depends on the BORA system used, the individual installation situation and the room conditions.

Does BORA really extract all odours?

Cooking vapour, evaporated grease and the odours that go with them are completely extracted where they arise – directly on the cooktop. The cook stands in fresh air, while their clothes and hair remain unaffected by cooking vapours.

Does BORA also work with higher pots?

Cooking vapour is easily absorbed even from a pot with a height of 20 cm. We recommend that for pots with a height of approx. 21 cm and over, you position the pot lid diagonally to conduct the vapours in the direction of the extractor.

Where can I buy BORA?

You can purchase any BORA products from our showroom  either call 01634401188  or emial

How long is the warranty period for my BORA devices?

The normal manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years. In addition to this, we offer you the chance to extend your warranty.

Where and how can I register my BORA system?

Go to To register your system, you need the registration code or the FD number. This can be found on your appliance’s sticker, nameplate or product insert. 

What does 4 24 refer to?

Thanks to the central operating panel and optimally placed cooking zones, the cooktop provides enough room for up to four 24 cm (diameter) pots.

What is relative humidity?

Relative humidity gives the saturation level of the air at the current temperature. Warm air can take up more water, cold air can take up less water. I.e. cold air is saturated more quickly. For a comfortable heat, the relative humidity lies between 25 and 60% at a room temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Are there different cooktops to choose from?

Yes, a large range of modular cooktops is available from the BORA Professional and BORA Classic product series. Here you can choose between induction cooktops and HiLight or Hyper cooktops – the classic models with radiant heating elements. The gas cooktop and Tepan stainless steel grill complete the assortments. BORA Basic cooktops are available as Hyper and surface induction models. BORA Pure and BORA GP4 are induction cooktops, BORA X Pure is a surface induction cooktop. BORA Basic is available in Hyper and surface induction models (while stocks last). You can find further information on our product range