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Why Gaggenau?

Founded over 300 years ago, Gaggenau is known for its quality. With their roots firmly in manufacturing, every product they create uses high-quality materials and precise workmanship with many of them still made by hand.

Gaggenau appliances are the most innovative kitchen appliances available today. Using cutting edge technology Gaggenau appliances make cooking quicker, easier and more accurate, making them the appliance of choice for many of the worlds top chefs.

The Gaggenau 200 Series
The 200 series ovens offer a flush aesthetic, with stainless steel handles that match your 200 series fridges and freezers. 60 cm in width, unlimited in capability; the 200 series ovens are Home Connect-enabled and can be remote controlled, monitored and diagnosed. Combi-steam ovens and combi-microwaves can be combined with warming and vacuum drawers and a fully automatic espresso machine for maximum visual and culinary effect.

The Gaggenau 400 Series
The handle-free doors proudly protrude from the wall and are opened by a simple touch of the intuitive TFT touch display. Expansive in both size and capability, the 400 series offers an exceptional range of ovens, combi-steam ovens, combi-microwaves, warming and vacuuming drawers in 60 cm and 76 cm widths. A 60 cm fully automatic espresso machine completes your options and provide you with baking and coffee possibilities on a truly grand scale.

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