400 Series

The combi-steam oven is an aspiration for many, a promise to guests, a calling for the private chef and a statement to the designer. Inspired by the professional kitchen, it offers a considerable number of advantages, such as being hand crafted from the finest materials. Every Gaggenau oven is made for the keen private chef while being designed for the private home. The two design options are a stainless steel backed full glass or the darker Gaggenau Anthracite, both of which make a statement in any kitchen.

Sitting proud of the surface, available in 76 cm or 60 cm, fixed connection or tank, stainless steel backed full glass door or full glass door in Gaggenau Anthracite. Ultimately, the ovens 400 series are the promise of culinary greatness.

Each of our 400 series ovens will more than satisfy the most demanding of chefs, with reassuring professional characteristics at every turn. The distinctive solid stainless steel rotary knobs provide intuitive control over the TFT display. Touch the screen and the handleless door that sits proud of the surface, calmly opens, as much as 180° wide. Four layers of glass ensure a cool door regardless of internal temperature, each layer of glass perfectly renders colours, allowing you to accurately judge the browning of dishes. The multiple core temperature probe measures the temperature inside your dish to within one degree of accuracy, automatic programmes assist the private chef while the convenience of Home Connect allows you to control and monitor it remotely. In every sense of the word, this oven is proud.

As your masterpiece is being created, ensure it is beautifully illuminated. Discreet LEDs bathe your dish in soft white light, without glare thanks to a non-reflective back wall. Another thoughtful touch is the condensing of excess steam, simply to ensure the private chef is not engulfed in a billowing cloud when opening the door.

Add the vacuuming drawer under your oven or counter, in the same design as your oven or kitchen furniture, and sous-vide might almost become your convenience food. With different vacuum levels and sizes of bags, you will be able to lock in flavours, preserve ingredients and marinade in a third of the time. With the ability to vacuum outside of the drawer you can also enjoy opened wine even after the following night.

200 Series

A more subdued aesthetic defines the 200 series: it sits flush to the surface, its handles match those of your refrigerators 200 series, it does not dominate, yet it promises all the culinary prowess that the ambitious private chef could hope for. The ovens also utilise the distinctive solid stainless steel control knobs and TFT display. Home Connect enables remote control and diagnosis and is available in most appliances. Flush to the surface, 60 cm with fixed connection or tank, in Gaggenau Anthracite, Gaggenau Metallic or Gaggenau Silver.

Our latest combi-steam ovens are almost as much of a revelation as our original, the first for the private kitchen. In the intervening two decades we have evolved the combi-steam to its current state of perfection, allowing you to steam, braise, bake, grill, gratinate and sous-vide. The 200 series offers a choice of fixed water connection with automatic cleaning system or easy-access, large water tanks. An enlarged, beautifully-lit cavity with a full surface grill under glass, chef assistance and adjustable automatic programmes with five humidity levels.

The perfect complement to your combi-steam oven, you can add the vacuum drawer beneath the worktop or the oven, in either your kitchen furniture or same design as the oven. With multiple vacuum levels, bag sizes and an attachment for use out of the drawer, the vacuum drawer encourages you to lock in flavours, speed up marinading as well as preserve ingredients and opened wine.

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